Join Snapshot

Are you interested in the urban art & culture of your own city and your neighbors (Germany/Netherlands) and do you like to take pictures or make videos of street art or other urban arts like break dance? Then we are looking for you.

Develop your camera skills by learning from the best teachers in the field during the workshops.

Get to know your own neighborhood and the neighbors by discovering and documenting urban art and culture. Come together over the border and connect with like minded people to experience and keep record of the culture.

In the summer, autumn and winter, we will organize tutorial weeks that include workshops, exchange and events during 3 – 4 days. 

Snapshot – Next generation Europe is a project/initiative crossing the borders with documenting and discovering urban art and culture for young people between 14 and 18 years old. Afterwards the works that are made will be displayed at public locations and festivals. The stage is yours.


Summer:     08.08.-11.08.2019 (during Notorious IBE, Heerlen)

 Autumn:     28.09.2019 (during Nachtfrquenz, Aachen)      

                        16.10.-18.10.2019 (Aachen)

Winter:       03.01.- 05.01.2020 (Heerlen)

Costs: € 50,- for 4 days (if the costs are too much for you, please contact us, we will work out a way for you to participate.

Please do use this link to fill in the participation form: